Terms & Conditions

You accept to agree upon the following terms and conditions, while purchasing any product or service from Peerforest Extensions and Themes:

  • You agree to use our product or service in compliance with this agreement, once you acknowledge that you have read the agreement.
  • Once you place an order for our product or a service, this agreement will immediately come into effect legally.
  • We hold the copyright for any product or service that we deliver. In case of violation, the activity and the responsible entity will be prosecuted as per the Copyright Law.
  • Once you make a purchase of our product or hire our service, you can use it for your own personal or business use. Any further distribution, whether commercial or non- commercial, will be regarded as violation and henceforth liable as per the law.
  • You have no rights to use our code, partly or wholly, in creating any other product, software, or a website.
  • You have no rights to lease, rent, sub-license, distribute, sell, or give, any of our products. You also have no rights to make it publicly available via Internet or any other physical means.
  • You are bound solely to keep the copyright information intact.
  • We reserve the rights to distribute our products or services among multiple users.
  • We are not liable for any damages, in case of your inability to use the product or no further use of the product.
  • We are not liable for any illegal use of product or service from your end, resulting in a breach of law, leading to prosecution.
  • We reserve the rights to terminate this agreement, if you fail to use our products or services in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.
  • We reserve the rights to change the agreement any given time, by imposing new clauses or modifying existing clauses.
  • You may terminate this agreement any time by destroying our products. In that case, we are not liable to refund your amount spent on buying our products or services. If you continue to use our products even after termination of the agreement, you are liable to pay us for any damages caused due to product misuse or revocation of the agreement.
  • The products can work on specific platforms only. We do not guarantee the correct working of the software on platforms other than the ones specified beforehand. In this case, we do not provide further product support due to an inappropriate product usage.
  • Free technical support as well as product upgrades, is limited as per the support period mentioned by you, while making a purchase.