Magento Unique Design Services

Just like a physical brick-and-mortar store, we put emphasis on the looks of your online store by exclusively decorating it. Moreover, we plan it in such a way that our clients can offer their potential customers comfort and ease while shopping. The team at Peerforest has highly creative and talented, Magento eCommerce designers and developers, with an expertise to create excellent aesthetics for your Magento store.


We first focus on employing the findings of an intense research on the target audience, so that we can make out what actually visitors would like to have and which are the current shopping trends.


We spend enough time and resources on wireframes, prototypes, and strategy planning for designing and development of the Magento store. This iterative process always yields unique designs tailored towards unique client needs. Therefore, instead of using in-built themes, we prefer going for the customization of Magento themes.


A brand is not just a mere identity of your business. Instead, brands actually sell the products or services. Hence, we build a memorable brand experiences relating to your Magento e-commerce website with unique designing aligned with every separate brand.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

We have a collective team of UX designers, UI designers, Magento programmers, and Magento QA developers constituting a collaborative environment to extract their creativity, and talent on our uniquely different Magento projects. Therefore, we focus more on the user interaction and content. Magento is full of features and functionality, but we focus only on the essentials required to combine the best user experience elements with the top user interface components.

Responsive Design

We are a team of seasoned people with years of expertise in Magento industry. Therefore, our responsive web designing delivers awesome results for a Magento website across a wide range of audience, devices, as well as platforms with least use of resources.