Magento Performance Tuning

Tons of features in Magento demand exceptional resources such as separate and dedicated servers, in-depth configuration knowledge of these features and functionality loaded online store, extensive experience and expertise for tailor made solutions, quick understanding, capacities to deal with debugging, and more. We, at Peerforest, deal with issues affecting the Magento store speed and performance largely. We optimize or tune the performance of the Magento store, in order to provide an enhanced user experience to our clients, leading to a drastic increase in customer retention as well as conversion rates.

Our services:

  • Server Tuning
  • Database Tuning
  • Cache Tuning
  • Content Optimization
  • HTTP Management

Server Tuning

We prefer dedicated servers instead of shared servers, and make use of our extensive knowledge as well as experience to configure it. Moreover, we tune these dedicated servers for top class SEO performance. In most cases, we split the database server and webserver because of the separate technical requirements in both servers to configure them accordingly. For instance, database server demands fatty hard disks and loads of memory. Webservers require a fast CPU for rapid interactions. If needed, we manage your Magento storefront with the separate backend servers using multi server environment, enabling your e-commerce store to be fast and effective in managing tons of traffic.

Database Tuning

In majority cases, Magento has MySQL as the database because of its better performance than other databases. Therefore, we apply our extensive knowledge of Perl script to make essential adjustments in order to increase the database performance and its stability.

Cache Tuning

For enhanced performance and simple features as well as functionalities, an effective cache system is essential. Hence, we introduce all the available caches in the Magento Admin Panel. Moreover, we fine-tune those caches for security issues beforehand.

Content Optimization

For rapid loading and fast interactions, we optimize the all sorts of content using latest optimization techniques including image optimization, sound optimization for audio, and codec optimization for video, without compromising on appearance and performance. For code optimization, we use output compression techniques to compress non-PHP output generated by server including CSS, Texts, JavaScript, etc.

HTTP Management

Each HTTP request costs us greatly on performance fronts. Therefore, we try to manage minimum HTTP requests through effective coding and using CSS sprite techniques for images as well as UI components.