Magento AWS Cloud Hosting

Peerforest has a prolonged experience with Magento hosting with the recent popularly emerging cloud-hosting services. Therefore, our team has adopted scientific methods to analyze hosting requirements of our Magento storefront clients from a technical perspective. We highly recommended AWS for our clientele with Magento stores ranging across varied sizes and budgets.

Our services:

  • With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), we tend to make your store scalable wherein you pay only for the required computing capacity.
  • With auto scaling, we help you to scale your EC2 capacity automatically, as per the conditions you define.
  • With elastic load balancing, we ensure that your incoming traffic gets distributed automatically across EC2 instances.
  • With Amazon CloudFront (CDN), we make it easier for you to distribute the content with different latencies via a global network.
  • With Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), we enable you to scale, operate, and setup a cloud relational database.
  • With Amazon Route 53, we provide you a DNS (Domain Name System) web based service.
  • With Amazon ElastiCache, we support you to scale, operate, and deploy cache memory in the cloud network.
  • With Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), we deliver a storage service for your web scale computing.

Benefits with us

  • By using AWS hosting, we provide the flexibility factor by scaling the capacities within moments through commissioning of several instances simultaneously. Thus, your application will scale automatically according to your needs. Moreover, disk space allocation, CPU capacities increase, memory allocations, etc. are a few rapid processes for scaling up as well as scaling down whenever required.
  • Due to its pricing policies, AWS hosting proves to be cost-effective, so that we charge you based on the capacity you define per hour.
  • With AWS we guarantee you a high reliability factor, because of the readily available replacement servers, leading to a lowest down time of AWS servers among all cloud services providers.
  • AWS is considered to be the most secured cloud hosting services provider due to its latest and upgraded security technologies, easily configurable firewall, Level 1 PCI compliance for encryptions and other issues, and ISO 27001 certification for high standards of security. Perhaps, this is the reason why we prefer AWS as the best choice for our Magento clients.