There was a time when ecommerce was all about a one-on-one relationship between customers and retailers with no intermediaries whatsoever. A vendor knew what customers wanted and customers expected the same product from vendor’s end. However, with giant retailers entering the arena, the whole relationship went mayhem as customers preferred absolute low prices in place of top quality services. In such a scenario, retailers faced tremendous difficulties in understanding the needs and wants of their customers. They completely depended on the financial results to analyze what is hot and what is not. Just when things were about to change, a radically new scenario came into existence in the form of modern ecommerce.

Many companies started out with this model, however only one of those changed the fate of ecommerce completely. World’s largest Internet Company “Amazon”. Amazon was the only company to succeed extraordinarily among the lot because it comprehended the transformation going in the Internet era. The company understood that Internet is not just a sales channel, but a place to develop online relationships with every individual customer by providing them with an engaging feel similar to one found in the neighborhood. This led to Amazon adopting amazingly innovative technologies early on and long lasting customer acquisition strategies that are even alive today. Let us have a glimpse at these everlasting Amazon strategies.

Interactive marketplace – Amazon adapted a dynamic model rather than the static catalog in order to let the online store become more interactive with the customers. For this, customer experience turned out to be the first priority. To enable this, several things were implemented such as smooth customer service, product recommendations, wish lists, and a unified shopping cart. This approach was a big success and led to a new revolution known as “Getting Amazoned”.

Email marketing – Amazon recognized email marketing as a prime marketing channel and as a result today it is the driving force behind spam epidemic and online ecommerce.

Mobile channel – Amazon was among those early adopters who saw mobile as a potential channel to reach people. They realized that it is not just a device helping organizations to conduct a business research on price fluctuations but also a useful device to build loyalty, acting as a bridge between customers and brands, more importantly a powerful way to shop online.

The trend drastically shifted from retailer influence to customer influence within this 20 years period. Earlier retailers dominated with market because consumers had limited comparison options. They hardly visited other stores to compare prices. However, Amazon changed everything. Now power laid in the hands of competitive retailers, who can register themselves with just a simple mouse click. This let consumers to take in charge of the steering and drive the ecommerce market as per their will. It is just getting better each day with Omni channel availability, personalized service, and mobile ecommerce popularity. So now, what ecommerce marketers need to do in order to beat the odds? Let us find out.

Mobile responsive
Smartphones have nowadays overpowered desktops when it comes to a single most accessible point of contact between consumers and retailers. This is the reason why companies switch over to a responsive design feasible across platforms. Success relies on how far you can test your sample template in terms of rendering and spacing before ensuring implementation across devices.

Audience oriented
Old school tactic such as email blasting to thousands of subscribers at a time is a big no. Today, things have changed drastically. Now companies first extract consumer information from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and lots more. Next step is to connect with them on a ground level, trying to know their buying behavior and preferences. Surveys are just not enough. Only good content can entice them.

Relevancy building
Make best use of data and technology for letting your marketing campaigns to be faster, stronger, and smarter. Create relevant emailing campaigns asking for customer information in a justified manner. With this short and simple process, you can generate a good number of subscribers who can become your future prospects as well. Note various significant points to trace where the campaigns have made a significant impact.

What to conclude?
Amazon has been a pioneer in changing the face of ecommerce with a complete makeover. The inception took place with Amazon switching from customization and targeting to interaction, through automation of ecommerce process elements. Most retailers have been unsuccessful in merging apt marketing strategies with technological advancement. These strategies need to go well in accordance with the whole customer engagement process. With technology progressing day by day, online shopping and in-store shopping are getting closer.

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