Sometimes small things do make big changes when it comes to an online store. By cautiously choosing right products for specific pages displaying product details, an ecommerce store can have a high impact on the minds of the customers. There are a number of strategies to implement. However, just by taking into account, a few little things, you can enhance your online shop greatly. Let us look at these few small things with a big influence.

Upselling / Cross-selling
Every ecommerce store provides a platform for online sellers to list items at their own set price and display it to the buyers. Two concepts play a vital role here for generating more profits in tandem. First, is “upselling’, wherein customers are encouraged to buy costlier products, similar to ones they have already bought, for higher profits. Second, is “cross-selling”, wherein customers are encouraged to buy related products, similar to ones they have already bought, for generating more sales. In usual practice, both strategies applied when customers are in the checkout phase. Put efforts to cross-sell related products or upsell similar products that you think customers would most likely be motivated to buy. A little bit of website changes is what all needed to be done.

Shell out slow moving products
Products that sell very slowly can actually turn out to be a biggest hindrance in your cash flow. Hence, most physical stores opt for clearance sales to sell out the slow moving stock. Same logic applies in case of ecommerce stores as well. Sort out the products with slow moving selling tendency. These products could be those have seen just one single sale during the whole quarter, seasonal products, perishable products, a newer advanced replacement already available in market, or not sold for a whole month. List these items in a clearance sale on extremely popular classifieds sites like craigslist, backpage, etc. This way you can replace slower selling items with fast selling items in just few days.

Integrate live chat
Customers are always apprehensive to buy online whenever they have doubts regarding the product(s). Here the role of live chat comes into play wherein customers can clear all their doubts by talking with a live customer care representative online. Shoppers can get answers to all their concerns related to a purchase leading to a dramatic increase in the conversion rate. It also enhances the overall user experience by providing a seamless interaction. With the help of live chat, you can even discover the common issues customers are facing with the website. Addressing these web development based issues can help you to improve your site and the number of visitors resulting in good impression on SERPs. It is a highly simple functionality to integrate hardly requiring any domain expertise. Live chat is inexpensive and switched on/off as per requirements.

Adding phone number to website
Similar to live chat, adding a phone number to the website is a great practice so that customers can call you and in turn, you can address their concerns directly. Again incorporating phone number into your website is highly simple, needing only a few minutes.

Proofreading content at regular intervals
It is very important to let someone proofread your store data especially when you have hundreds of categories and thousands of products on display. Even biggest ecommerce stores across the web commit grammatical or spelling mistakes unknowingly. It hardly takes a few minutes to proofread the whole thing and rectify the website data. In fact, sometimes there are too many mistakes to realize and handle, while proofreading. Place yourself in the seat of your customer, once every day. This way you will be able to make out if there are any mistakes on an ongoing basis. In an extremely crowded ecommerce scenario, it is very important to be on your toes when it comes to content. You need to provide customers exactly what they expect, in order to crack sales.

Free shipping service
Today, online shoppers do not prefer to buy something with shipping charges. Free shipping is what every buyer expects. Study reports reveal that, more than 50% of products listed include free shipping. If the option not offered in your case, you should opt for one. Almost every single ecommerce store today provides an option for free shipping on majority of their products. A minimal configuration in the coding is required to achieve this. The logic behind giving free shipping is, since you are cutting down on your profits, you should be able to generate good income by cracking more sales.

Customer acknowledgement cards
Always acknowledge your customer when buy from your store. Send them a thank you card to let them know how important they are. Emails certainly work, but using old age postal card service is the best way to acknowledge them.

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