About Us

We are here to make technology work in your favor, in order to satisfy all your requirements. Our expertise deals with all stages of creating an excellent Magento website. Magento is our ultimate choice because we have been associated with the platform since its pre-release 0.6 version. We build personalized solutions customized to your needs in order to enable your business run seamlessly. We provided end-to-end custom tailored solutions right from the user-friendly functionality present on front-end to the complex logic present on back-end.

Our Values

Our primary focus is our client’s success as well as growth, which is highly critical for us. Our success depends on how satisfied our client is. We ensure to stick to high moral values and expect the same from our surroundings. We also follow a strict code of conduct, which is absolutely the best in the interest of our clients or partners.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a core philosophy “A successful partnership is a combination of expertise and transparency.”

Why Peerforest?

Right from requirements gathering, to concept designing, product development, testing, and deployment, we ensure to construct a personalized robust solution customized as per individual business needs. Our relation with Magento goes back in the time when Magento was still in a beta phase right in the year 2008. Hence, we have grown in parallel with the platform refining our skills and techniques, according to the technological and technical changes each year, in the Magento arena.


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