What if, a visitor visits your website and decides to run away even before exploring it?

How would you feel when you run an ecommerce store with thousands of products, an online shopper visits your site, and leaves your ecommerce store without purchasing anything?

What do you think, why does it happen all the time with majority websites? The reasons are evident.

Most people visiting your site are either overwhelmed with too much information, confused due to wrong placement of elements or components, not impressed by the overall look and feel, or probably frustrated with loading time, lengthy process, and the complexities within the website.

When deciding the content and layout of the website, keep in mind the most common mistakes that can occur with the visual appearance as well as overall performance of the website.

Let us have a look at each one of them who might can make your prospects run away like anything.

1. Do not overcomplicate things

Clarity of words is important that can actually boost the conversion rate. A health and medicine based website, when added “supplements” word to their website, had an actual increase in the conversion rate by 89%. Herein visitors had a clear opinion on what the website is all about letting them to think less. Giving out comprehensive information will save a lot of user’s time resulting in an increase in satisfaction and an eagerness to surf a website in detail.

Let us understand this through an example. You want to start with a website that provides limousine service on rental without any prior appointment. Now what do you expect users will type in Google.

a. Limousine Rental Service without prior appointment


b. Uber for Limos

Without any doubt, users will opt for second option because Uber is the most popular already existing taxi rental service. Since the word is strong enough to describe the entire service, you can use that brand name to your advantage.

2. Let visitors like you

Users always prefer buying from people they like rather than going into an unknown terrain. It is all about liking and disliking. When you use a personality to gather impact, it might click with few people and might not with other people. Making use of a real voice or personality will have a good impact on a large group of people especially if popular enough with people.

3. Provide users with multiple options

Pricing is the most important factor businesses take into consideration while thinking of purchasing products. Offer a price that people are willing to pay in order to demonstrate value, and still make huge profits for your business. The best way to acquire majority of customers is to let them choose from different pricing options from cheapest to costliest.

4. Answer to what is exactly asked

If you are representing your products or services in a complicated way to your customers, it will be very difficult for them to understand and so they will not even bother to make a purchase. Let your message reach them in the simplest way possible not letting them to divert their attention to more legible offerings from other companies. The shortest, the more effective the conversion rate will be.

5. Help them to make decisions

Let your websites help your visitors or prospective customers to make purchase decisions rather than getting puzzled on what is really happening around here. Make them feel as if the products or services specifically meant for them and will fulfill all their requirements or needs.

6. Do not let them feel disappointed

Avoid making use of depressive or negative words that emphasizes more on losses than gains. Whether visitors or prospects, help them benefit more by cutting down their losses as much as possible. When they visit a website, they are looking for some kind of solutions to their problems. It is strictly advisable to provide them with solutions rather than increasing their problems.

7. Be as fast as you could

To grab the eyeballs or attention of users online is probably the toughest task. Back in 2000, the human attention span recorded to be 12 seconds on a page that has reduced to 8 seconds today. Let your website be highly efficient in loading as well as a visual treat to impress the visitors in that short duration timeframe. Keep the content to be simple, clear, organized, and readable.

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