Quite recently, world’s most renowned ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal came up with big discount days to give away amazing deals at groundbreaking prices. What things to take care of when running your own ecommerce store and you plan to invite users for such huge offers on your online shop?

Identify specific days in the year
Special days in a year such as holidays, festivals, or memorable days, should be identified in advance, to list products. Just notify all the registered users in advance regarding the big day announcement. Place a dedicated page on your ecommerce site wherein you inform your visitors about the big day arriving soon. Ensure that you do not provide details of individual deals offered, instead provide them with a general scenario so that they can anticipate about how much they can profit from your store. Be fully prepared with inventory so that you can reach up to the demands of overloaded customers.

Get landing pages and website design ready accordingly
Consumers wait for such kind of days to avail best products at lowest prices. Take full advantage of this opportunity by introducing a theme and design that matches the ecommerce store skin for such important days. It will help you to escalate your sales, even after the deals are exhausted. When a visitor lands on your page, they should make out that they will be saving big time by shopping from your shop. When promoting specific items extensively, it is advisable to build individual landing page for each with big day branding. Conversion rates will surely increase when you send traffic directly to these landing pages.

Make reservations for traffic load handling
It would turn out to be highly frustrating if a prospective visitor is surfing your ecommerce store that suddenly slows down due to huge amounts of traffic at the same point of time. This way your ecommerce store will not only miss a potential customer but also that customer would not even bother to return due to the fear of time lag. A customer gone will be gone forever. Your ecommerce website should be capable enough to handle huge amounts of traffic any minute, even if there is a sudden rise. Most small businesses go for shared hosting because of a cheaper alternative. However, that small savings can amount in huge losses on such big days. Better opt for reputable cloud based solutions or a dedicated server.

Anticipation should be built at right time
Anticipation needs to be created in advance, but not too early enough that can lead to online sales disruption. You can offer “early release” to people who have registered with your store. A simple call to action can help to achieve this without disturbing regular buying of products. A countdown timer is another superlative option for providing an early notification to the visitors.

Build your email-marketing list
Huge amount of traffic approaches your ecommerce site on such specific days. Make sure they provide their sign up as a registered user at checkout. If they do not want to register, at least entice them to provide their email address where they can send product details and delivery status. People will surely enter their email address to avail the offer as soon as possible before anybody else does. Not every visitor is expected to become your customer on such days, but at least now, you have now their email addresses where you can send future deals on a regular basis. This way, people in your email-marketing list may not become present but definitely can become future customers.

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