We can discuss the importance of the link building future at length. There has been a range of questions asked every now and then regarding the best practices in SEO, more importantly the contribution of link building in it. You might be surprised to what we have to say. We agree as well in disagree at the same time with link building. The reason being links are still considered to be precious when seen from Google’s perspective. The major search engines consider link building as a decisive factor in determining authority and relevancy of a website, as per their search algorithm. However, at the same time it is very important to generate links through proper SEO practices.

In today’s Google optimization scenario, it is highly advisable to earn links rather than build them through improper ways. Link building nowadays can only be successful with brand experience that is innovative; a user experience that is new, creative, positive; and absolute unique content. If any one factor is missing, then link building acts as a big website threat leading to downgraded website rankings in SERPs. How exactly to go about if you want to optimize your online store with the help of building links? Let us look at the most feasible ways to achieve link building for your ecommerce stores.

How to start?
Understanding first where the reputation of your brand stands is extremely important because when you are involved in practices for acquisition of links, it acts as a single biggest motivation factor for doing all the hard work. Make no mistake about it. It is very difficult to earn reputation by building a good number of referrals. However, with a few simple practices it is definitely possible.

Forum marketing
Marketing through forums is still one of the most popular ways of building links, even after Penguin updates took over SEO scenario. The reason why bloggers and webmasters still want to dive into it is the ability of forums to drive targeted and relevant customers. A continuous flow of referral visits is expected. Simple type ‘intitle:forum “niche”‘ in Google to get a list of your niche related forums. Filter out the irrelevant ones with the help of Alexa toolbar, engagement signals, and highly strict moderator guidelines. Communicate with forum members by getting actively engaged with them through thread replies, weekly posts, daily posts, etc. Exchange emails and get in touch with them on social networks and emails. Try to answer queries on first come first basis and identify the best time for participating in forums.

Resource pages of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, or suppliers
If you are looking for the most productive and easiest way of getting links, then look out for resource pages, which are highly useful. Resource pages already meant to list down external as well as internal links for the same category. You will need to invest some time and energy for doing it.

Reclaiming efficient links
The third most effective way to build links is to building your own brand through non-linked products, brands, and existing products tracking. When you have similar products belonging to your category, then there are high chances that you start earning from scratch. A few assets that have to be tracked on a regular basis are logos, images that are unique, data visuals, cover images, and expert quotes.

Other than the above-mentioned ways, you can optimize site for users and search engines using various SEO plugins. Just publish a single piece of content that is comprehensive, informative, and educational. Devise a strategy for linking internally for letting non-linked pages to rank high on search engines. There are many other ways to do so. However, you should try out the most common effective methods that you have not tried before. You can always add more methods in the comments below. Your ideas will always appreciated.

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